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What We Do

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Residential Interiors

Most of us would love to personally design the interiors of our home, somewhere down the line we do need professional help and advice from the experts in the field of interior designing and architecture. Each corner of your house is unique, which means it requires special attention from an experienced interior designer.

Each component of your house tells people more about you. The design of the interior of your home affects every aspect of your life. A simple new coat of paint from time to time does not do justice to the place you call your home. Our interior designers understand that your home is very close to your heart and take all your suggestions into consideration before planning out a new, refreshing design. We bring you new exciting trends and furnishing ideas, depending upon your decorating style and requirements.

Be it simple, trendy or traditional – our ideas will brighten up your home.

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Commercial Interiors

The interiors of an office make a lasting impression on your company's clients. The design of a workplace should be inspiring, comforting and energizing. While aesthetics cannot be ignored, our goal while designing office interiors is to motivate and encourage the staff.

While designing an office we allocate space appropriately in order to avoid crowding and clutter or waste of space. Designing your own office, without professional help and assistance may sound like a good cost cutting option but can spell disaster in the long run, causing you to incur more costs than you were trying to save. At Contorno Interiors and Designs, we design office interiors by giving your office a refreshing new look . From the reception areas of large well established corporates to the workspace of a new company office, we are well experienced in the art of interior decoration and architecture.

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Corporate Interiors

In today's ever-changing business climate, workplace design goes beyond a beautiful space; it's a critical tool for aligning people, culture, processes, and technology with organizational goals. We deliver creative and environmentally progressive solutions that create a lasting impact on our clients' teams, business, and brand — for generations to come. Our specialists have worked with a wide range of businesses, expanding on a body of research and knowledge that provides our clients with exclusive, cutting-edge insights. The result is award-winning spaces that nurture people, place, and processes in support of strategic business objectives.